Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Tadi ad extra kelas histo...adus boringnye klas straight 8 tgh belajar tbe2 lecture bg break jap.......

tgh break tu tbe2 ad kwn bkk citer psl artis msia skang...masyaallah katanya artis msia skrg dh teruk..teruk akhlak dn cara berpakaian.....artis msia skang makin berani...mcm2 kontroversi timbul menghangatkn dunia hiburan negara kita....

namun mereka harus sedar mereka menjadi perhatian dn mungkin ikutan khususnya golongan remaja.....

kisah terbaru perkahwinan rahsia antara aktres anak mami rita rudaini,32 n aidil zafuan,21 pemain bola sepak negara.ekeleh tua 2 taun ak je dh nk kawen..dh sunat ke blum..hahaha...perkahwinan diorang ni dibuat kt sonkhla pd 25 februari taun lps.....kluarga lelaki terguris sbb anak mereka rhsiakan perkhwinan die.....adus mslh tula muda2 nk kawin tp rita beb sme xnk...hahaha.....

satu lg psl michael jackson msk islam...bgsla...abby abadi pun dh cerai ngan norman sbb ad org ketiga..katanya org ketiga tu memey suhaiza..opsss..sorila jgn saman org susah.....

anak yusof haslam yg xla kacak mne tp sbb byk duit kot..dh clash ngan diana ..alah awek yg belakon citer sembilu...(pnjg giler citer ni naik sembelit ak tgk)..diana ni br je 17 taun..tgh spm beb tp tula dh gatal nk bercinta....ha tula sedikit psl artis msia ni..aish2

amekla iktibar dr citer2 diorang ni

Sunday, December 28, 2008


bismillahirrahmanirrahim......on yesterday we are surprised with the tears shedding news concerning our brothers in palestine...up to 230 civillians were killed...and many others were injured...this onslaught on islam people cannot be ignored as if nothing has the time for us to get united ...we are desperately seeking for this unity to exist among us irrespective of race and long as we share the same belief, we must strive together and upon us lie the burden to solve the problem of this ummah.. Brotherhood in Islam is based on faith and respect. It is a brotherhood that exists between a large number of people who share the same beliefs and religious identity. Allah says:

(And He has brought their hearts together. If you had spent all that was in the Earth, you would not have brought their hearts together) (Al-Anfal 8:63 ).

Being concerned about your brothers is not an emotional reaction whereby one expresses only sympathetic feelings without any practical constructive steps that reflect real concern. In other words, it is not enough that a Muslim feels sorrow and sheds tears of regret over the afflictions of other Muslims. A Muslim must strongly condemn the crime and destruction afflicting his fellow Muslims and support them physically and spiritually in order to release them from the nightmare they live through until they retrieve their rights.

This would make the afflicted Muslims feel that they are supported by those who truly fulfill the rights of brotherhood and practically implement the words of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) when he said, "A faithful believer to a faithful believer is like the bricks of a wall, enforcing each other." While (saying that), the Prophet clasped his hands by interlacing his fingers (Al-Bukhari). Islam lays out, for those who believe in it, great principles that strengthen the bond between Muslims all around the world, preserves their unity, and protects their dignity. Among these principles is to have concern about the affairs and anxieties of other Muslims.Allah sent us to rescue whomever He wants from being slaves to other humans to being slaves to Him, to get them out of their hardships of life to the simplicity and happiness of this life and the Hereafter, and to deliver them from the injustice of other religions to the justice of IslamAllah has clearly stated that He will test us. He did not stop at that but He also informed us of what we need in order to pass the test or trial. Almighty Allah says, (And We will most certainly try you with somewhat of fear and hunger and loss of property and lives and fruits; and give good news to the patient.) ( Al-Baqarah 2:155).Palestine and Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa will be freed when we put our differences aside, unite together and become true and caring brothers. Defeat is the result of disunity and disagreement between the hearts and unity is the key to victory.

Allah grants victory for His pious slaves; victory will come when Muslims become truthful and sincere to Allah, rely only on Him fully, and supplicate to Him.

It will come when we abandon what some people are uttering that "The only way to salvation is to beg the 'powerful' countries." Allah says, (And (you will obtain) another (favor) that you love: victory from Allah and an imminent conquest; and give good tidings to the believers) (As-Saff 61:13).

Palestine will be back when we become like our pious predecessors who clung to the blessings of Allah upon them, especially the correct `aqeedah (creed) and the noble manners. They took hold of those prescribed reasons which made them the best of nations ever raised for mankind, and thereby deserved through this, the victory of Allah. He who is unable to change even himself, will not be able to change his family, not to mention changing the Ummah. And Almighty Allah says:

when will this problem be halted as we know now that we are all implanted with spirit of nasionalisme by another means we are going to defend only our land but not this religion at all.....past history had shown along time ago that unity based on faith is the pillars of our strenght contributing to the victory that we are supposed to possess...after a long wait after being defeated in crusade war, salahudin had arised to regain islam's dignity..and he did that with careful and commendable plan..he was not only a pious man but he was also a sublime warrior ever lived....this is the proof that doa only is not enough to bring back the dignity we had a malaysian nothing we can do to change this as all responsible lie on arabic people who is still long as nasionalisme,racisme,hedonisme become rooted in their minds...this problem will still remain unsolved...we as a muslim cannot depend on other non muslim parties to help us, say we ask help from chinesse to be with us in defending islam...for sure,he the responsible goes back to us...we are sure to be blamed for the weakness of this ummah....we need muhammad al fatih,saladin,sultan abd hamid who stand bravely against kuffar...we do not need leaders who is coward and persistently put his importance first and neglect the sorrow suffered by his brothers...let us bring down this kind of leaders....
take alook on this video...may us get some spirit of his..he is syeikh ahmad yassin,the founder of HAMAS....and realise the duty we should carry out wholeheartedly....if u have comments,drop it even once, concerning our brothers who are suffering all over the world...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Berkahwin dgn doktor

Ya Allah,kalau dialah yg kau ciptakan untukku,
maka,tenangkanlah hatiku,
Jagalah dia dgn sebaik peliharaanMu
Sesungguhnya kau yg Maha Memelihara

& jika bukan dia yg kau ciptakan utkku,
maka hilangkanlah keresahanku ke atasnya,
Hilangkanlah dia dari hatiku & tenangkanlah jiwaku.

Doa ini ak tujukan khas utk seseorang......ak hrp jgnlah tulisan ak kli ni dimarahi atau menimbulkan kontroversi...hehehe

Dlm kesejukan mlm ni slps ak study anatomi(subjek yg dpt mengingatkan ak betapa indahnya ciptaan Dia),sblm tdo....inginla ak luahkan seikhlas dn sejujurnya dr hatiku....ak tahu Allah telah memberi ak nikmat dn kelebihan kpd ak utk ak curahkan segala usaha ku kpd umat..bantu agamanya...

ya mmg benar..ak xpernah lari dr tujuanku berusaha menggunakan segala kelebihan yg ad utk ak membalas blk,membantu agama -Nya

Namun sbg seorang remaja(dikatakan tempoh umur paling byk cabaran),kadangkala byk hadapi konflik dlm diri....rasa cinta pd seseorang xdpt ak atasi...cuma jgnla krn itu ak dilalaikan dr perjuangan ini..perasaan ini mmg dikurniakan Allah kpd setiap manusia cuma ak akan gunakan kebijaksanaan ak dn ketenangan ak berfikir utk menjadikan setiap pilihan ak tepat(sejak ble la ak ni pndai tulis2 cmni..hahah..)perhatian!!!!mama klau bc post along ni jgn marah tau..faiz igt slalu yg faiz akan tlg family...

sbnrnya berbalik kpd tajuk atas tu fathiyah tulis tajuk yg sme..tu mungkin dr point of view seorang wanita.....

so this time ak tulis bnda yg sme tp ikut pndpt ak sbg seorang lelaki....hehehehe

ak tahu ak muda lg...21 mac taun dpn br ckup 20 xtaula nk tulis jgk..ah tulis jelah...

ramai org kata kawin doktor ni sibuk(cliche dh)...xbahagia...xbest...nila ap yg kwn2 lelaki ak kt sini ckp kalau kami borak2...ak rse rmai yg xnk doktor ni...(jgn marah doktorah..kami tau kamu semua pun xnk kami sbb alasan yg sme)hahaha..hmpir 70% golongan wanita profesional d malaysia tidak berkahwin.....

bg ak itu satu kerugian...ak mungkin agak berbeza pndpt dgn kwn2 ak mmgla itu semua utk menghasilkan umat yg hebat...maksud ak sepatutnya golongan bijak pndai perlu berkahwin sesama mereka...perlu ad pengorbanan dlm setiap tindakan...

tp sesetengah parent kita mungkinla bkn dr golongan bijak pndai tp mmpu menghasilkan keturunan bijak jgk..hurmmmm..depend la....sbnrnya masing2 perlu saling memahami...jgn byk kerenah kalau doktor sme doktor ni khwin...

kwn smap ak kt sini (imdad bkn nme sebenar)pun abg die seorang doktor kawen ngan doktor tp bhgia gak... n dia pun mungkin ikut jejak abg die...ssshhhhh...

blk malaysia taun lps ak ad gak borak psl ni ngan mak ak...mama jenis xkisah..kebanyakan dr keputusan ak akan decide sndiri sbb die percaya ngan ak..mama cuma bg nasihat ckit2 je...ak tanye mama,cmne kalau ak minat dr..mama ckp xkisahla cme nsht die...blaja elok2...kalau dh ske die jg elok2..jgn ayat last mama...biarla mkn minum kamu nnti terjaga sbb mama knal faiz dr kecik lg...ske mkn n wat2 kecoh cmpur ngan family rmai2...

kalau tnye ayah jwpn ayah mmg sgt "LELAKI"....ayah ckp ayah dlu kwn je ngan sume pompuan...mmg rmai ske ayah dlu.. ... ayah ckp ayah dlu xperlu risau2..dh smpai ms die nk kawin terus je die plih mama..die ckp laki yg ensem xperlu risau n supposed to be like that...hahaha..ak tau ayah ak ni mmg ske wat lwk tp lwk die kli ni mmg xleh blah....

hurmmm pnjgnye...terus conclusion ak ok je klau ak ditemukan jodoh dgn problem..ak seorang simple n xamek kisah sgtla sibuk ke ap ni...hehehe..ap 2 pun terpulangla kpd pendpt msing2..kalau korang nk komen la ap yg patut yg blh membantu...hahaha..

Thursday, December 18, 2008


ak yg memikirkan masih jauh perjalnn idup ni
3 anak laki,nazif tkde






ntah npe mlm ni ak rindu ngan family....lme x jenguk blog ni...nk tgk blog org lg la

yg slalu support n bg smgt kt ak.....ayah,mama,angah,anis,aiman n nazif....

cmne la diorang kt msia

kami xla hidup sng tp keluarga kmi sgt bhgia n gembira.aku mmg dr kecil bercita-cita nk jd doktor....kata mak ak ni jenis org yg kalau ak nk sesuatu ak msti usaha smpai dpt...xkirala ap jd....angah pulak nk jd pilot...hurmmm mmg ad gaya..playboy..haha..lgpun mmg dr kecik die dh ske pegang pinggan n pusing2kn buat cm stering...anis nk jd lecturer...blhla mmg ad gaya...rajin n pndai ckp....aiman nk jd doktor...satu bnda yg ak respek aiman ni...ak rse die ni gifted sbb die ni mls blaja tp exam msti no 1...cikgu die ckp die ni cpt ingat n cpt tangkap nmpak cm mls je...die ckp kalau die jd doktor satu hr nnti die nk jd lg hebat dr ak.....hahahah...nazif ni ak xtaula nk jd ap...tdur dhla kuat..mkn pun kuat....

ak dh diajar dr kecik supaya jd kuat(bkn kuat angkat berat tu).....semangat..

ak anak sulung so ak xkn penah tunjukkan ak ni lemah....wlaupun ak sedih ak akan sentiasa tersenyum n ceria supaya diorang rse diorang blh harapkn ak.....

ak ngan mama mmg rpt antara kami xde rhsia..mama ak muda lg kawen ms umur 19 ..kalo ak bwk mama round2 naik moto org akn ckp ak bwk awek.......hahaha...igt lg masa ak taun satu ak call mak,tbe2 mak tanye ak,faiz dh ad special admire x...jgnla asyik blaja je..enjoy ur life la..ak terkejut...aish2 tkdelah mama slalu pesan tlg family dlu....hehehe

mama ak mmg memahami ak....die akan nshtkn ak mengikut peringkat umur ak....

ayah ms kecik dlu cm serius tp ble ak dh bsr ni kami cm kwn...mmg bestla ayah ak...beruntung dpt ayah ak ni dhla kacak...hehehe..xlme lg bufday ayah.....hrp2 perniagaan ayah ok...pnjg umur...bhgia dunia akhirat...bykkn amaln...alhamdulillah mak ayah ak dh pegi haji...

angah ni skolah kt smapk,satu lg wat ak pening.....ssh jgk jd org kacak cm diermai org minat smpai mama pun mrh........hehehe..nsht ak ko blaja la elok2 taun dpn nk spm...die ni jiwa sensitif skit..nk pisah ngan ak je nangis...ap da jd laki jgn la nangis...tula sbbnye ak slalu tumbuk ko bg keras skit...hehehe....ko nmpak ak ni cm kuat tp sbnrnye ak nangis gak kt cni teringatkn ko ngan adik2....ak harap korang sume blh brjaya...ak dh tlg bkkkn jln utk korang......korang juz follow ak...saje ak ttpkn benchmark yg tinggi utk korang sume potong ak....itu ak hrpkn korang adik beradik lg tinggi dr ak

anis thniah la 5A....JGN slalu gaduh2 ngan aiman....n 4 nazif jgn kuat mkn sgt..hahah..taun dpn nk msk tadika 2 jgnla mls2...hehehe...gudluck my family sume...may god bless u all...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

How to improve our daily prayers?

Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) emphasized that prayer is the back-bone in the muslims is very important for us as a muslim to perform our daily prayers properly as stated by Allah and prophet Muhammad(pbuh).........

As a muslim,we are ordered to bow and prostrate Allah,performing prayers is an obligation that must be carried out sincerely(not halfheartedly).it is not only the matter of following god orders but as the way to show our gratefulness and humbleness to the creator.

here are some tips that i would like to share with all friends out there:

1.salat must be performed in congregation(jama'a)
And observe prayers and pay zakat(almsgiving) and bow down with those who bow.....2:43

as stated by hadith told from Ibn Umar.....Rasulullah(pbuh) said:
the reward for those who perform prayers in jama'a outweights that of salat performed individually by 27 degrees .
this is one of the saying to show the importance and the virtue of performing prayers in congregation

2.salat must be carried out on is much more effective to do salat on time rather than delaying the

3.try to do a routine of supplementary salat(nafl) as it is regarded as a compensation for the obligatory prayer which is performed in a weak manner

4.although it is not an obligatory for us,but it is important to improve one's prayer,by doing frequent is of importance to refresh our wudhu' even it is still valid...ablution by the way is to achieve physical cleansing and also as a symbol of spiritual cleansing....

5.prepare before prayer by wearing the best attire we can afford.......your attire should be decent and clean...your hair must be combed...your teeth must be brushed...and moderately perfume urself...this is very important because we are going to meet the king of all the narrate our words in front of Him

6.saying Allahuakbar when we are about to begin our prayer as this is the way to disconnect ourselves from the outer world and begin our connection to god

7.perform the prayer with self concious

8.avoid hypocrisy(riya') while doing prayers....the sign of hypocrisy is u are going to perform prayer in the presence of others and ignoring prayer when u are alone.... a short pause be4 bowing(sujud)...prophet muhammad used to do this in his solat

these are useful tips that i can give to all friends....i hope we can improve our prayers as only prayer can prevent us from doing any misdeeds which can cause anger of god...thanx 4 this time

islam n melayu

Sebelum ini sy tidak berminat untuk menulis mengenai Penang tetapi perkembang terbaru pentadbiran LGE menggamik sy untuk turut menulis dan berkongsi idea dengan kwn2 sekelian berkaitan apa yang sedang berlaku di Penang.

Penang adalah negeri yang telah lama di urus oleh orang Cina.LGE hanya menyambung pemerintahan Cina di Penang.Sebelum ini sy hanya menjangka tidak banyak perubahan yang akan dibawa kecuali beberapa dasar yang nyata menjadi kritikan DAP sejak dulu.

Sebab itu apabila LGE mengumumkan dasar tender terbuka,dasar tidak mengikut panduan DEB dan dasar jimat perbelanjaan,sy kira ianya merupakan tindakan memenuhi janji PRU sahaja.Kemudian timbul cadangan menggunakan tanda jalan dalam berbagai bahasa yang sekaligus menimbulkan kemarahan pihak pihak tertentu termasuk Pewaris yang diberitakan akan menghantar noits bantahan kepada kerajaan Penang pimpinan LGE.

Alasannya ialah ianya melanggar perlembagaan persekutuan yang menjamin bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa resmi negara dan tindakan ini juga dilihat sebagai usaha menghapuskan Islam dan melayu dari bumi Penang.Kalau diikutkan alasan yang diberi Pewaris ini tidak langsung munasabah kerana pembelajaran matematik dan sain dalam bahasa Inggeris lebih jelas sebagai perlanggaran perlembagaan tetapi Pewaris pejamkan mata.Apabila timbul isu nama jalan dalam berbagai bahasa Pewaris muncul untuk menjadi juara umat melayu sekaligus mengajak umat kembali kepada fitrah.

Penting sangat ker nama jalan dalam berbagai bahasa ini?Pada setengah orang ianya bukan perkara penting dan untuk itu mereka berpendapat bahawa nama jalan tak perlu diubah, biarkan bukan bermaksud untuk membela kerajaan Penang,tetapi setuju bahawa nama jalan bukan perkara penting dan untuk itu biarkanlah kerajaan Penang memutuskannya samaada nak kekalkan dalam keadaan asal atau mengubah mengikut apa yang diputuskan oleh kerajaan.tak perlu ada polimik tentang nama jalan ini.

Walaubagaimanapun,nasib orang melayu di Penang seharusnya dibela baik oleh Pewaris atau mana mana pihak yang berminat untuk menegur kerajaan Penang.Malah sebenarnya pembelaan Melayu Penang ini sepatutnya dilakukan lama dulu,sewaktu orang orang melayu sedikit demi sedikit dipinggir dari kawasan bandar dan ketika orang orang melayu Penang beramai ramai berhijrah ke negeri lain termasuk ke negeri Pahang,Terengganu dan kelantan.

Kini nasib melayu Penang menjadi persoalan.Tetapi pihak seperti Pewaris dan UMNO tidak berminat untuk membela mereka.Di sinilah yang telah menarik perhatian ana untuk berkongsi apabila LGE selaku ketua menteri Penang menyatakan komitmennya untuk menghapuskan kemiskinan tegar di Penang.Kata LGE, beliau malu menjadi ketua menteri sebuah negeri yang memiliki kemiskinan tegar yang tinggi.

Apa yang tersirat dari kemitmen LGE ini?Statistik menunjukkan 70 % kemiskinan tegar di Penang terdiri dari orang melayu,20% orang India dan 10 % orang Cina.Apa makna statistik ini?

Maknanya LGE komited untuk membantu oranag melayu keluar dari kemiskinan tegar ini.Itulah hakikatnya yang tidak pernah disebut oleh kerajaan terdahulu dan tidak pernah disebut oleh UMNO yang selama ini dipertanggungjawabkan untuk membela melayu Penang.Hakikat ini juga tidak disebut oleh pewaris yang mendakwa mereka adalah wadah untuk mengajak umat Islam kembali kepada fitrah sebaliknya mereka lebih berminat dengan tanda jalan.

Baru baru ini juga LGE pernah menyebut dan mengajak umat Islam untuk amal maaruf nahi mungkar bukannya amal mungkar nahi maaruf.Menurut LGE beliau sudah merujuk ungkapan ini kepada ustaz ustaz yang berwibawa dan sebagai usaha memerangi maksiat yang menjadi jadi di Penang, LGE mengajak umat Islam bersama samanya untuk turut sama memerangi maksiat.Di awal pemerintahannya,antara perkara pertama yang dibuat LGE ialah menaikan elaun guru kafa serta kemudian memberi elaun kepada para hafiz.Semuanya ini dilihat penting dalam usaha tarbiyah di peringkat awal dan sebagai usaha pertama mencegah keruntuhan akhlak muda mudi Islam.

Kenapa perkara ini tidak diberi perhatian oleh pewaris?Tidakkah kita umat Islam merasa malu kerana seorang seperti LGE yang mengajak kita memerangi maksiat?Di mana Pewaris dan di mana pemimpin melayu yang mendakwa sebagai juara umat?

Sesungguhnya usaha dan tindakan LGE menarik minat ana serta sekarang baru ana sedari LGE tidak sama dengan ketua menteri sebelum ini.LGE bukan seorang Islam sekarang ini, tetapi telah menunjukkan keikhlasan untuk membina semula ajaran Islam di kalangan orang Islam Penang.Tetapi sungguh malang kerana ada setengah orang Islam sendiri tidak nampak usaha usaha ini termasuk Pewaris.Apakah tidak ada rasa malu di kalangan kita umat Islam kerana berdepan dengan LGE.

Semua hujah di atas menjustifikasikan kerjasama PAS dalam kerajaan Penang dan sesungguhnya PAS sudah melaksanakan tugas penting untuk orang Islam Penang dan tidak harus ada suara memperlekehkan kerjasama ini kalau benar benar kita sayangkan agama yang suci ini.Sesungguhnya ALLAH telah membuka jalan kepada kebaikan menerusi LGE dan jalan ini tidak harus dipersia siakan kerana sebagai orang Islam kita juga harus ingat amaran ALLAH bahawa sekiranya satu kaum itu engkar dan lalai maka ALLAH akan gantikan mereka dengan kaum yang lain.Ingatlah LGE adalah ancaman besar kepada melayu Islam dalam ertikata kemungkinan beliau diberi hidayah ALLAH untuk menjadi pemimpin kaum yang mungkin menggantikan kaum melayu.Awaslah melayu Islam semua dan pewaris, Islam bukan hak mutlak melayu."

Friday, November 28, 2008

pengalaman hidup.........zzzzzzzz

dh lme xupdate blog ni dh berhabuk agaknye tp pg ni luangkan la skit ms
this time sy nk citer psl diri sy skit ....mulanya mmg x brminat nk citer tp ap slhnye share dgn kwn2 sume kn........

sy lahir dr keluarga sederhana....mak kt nk lahirkn sy plg ssh...msk OT pkul 8 pg pkul 7ptg br sy jenguk dunia 4 d 1st time...kluar2 tgk muka doktor xla ensem sgt nsib baik nurse hidup ssh dr lain xpndg keluarga berazam sy akan bela family sy....

sejak kecik sy tlg ayah meniaga..tadika pun sy x pegi cm dak2 lain...msk drjah saatu dh kne ejek ngan bg sy dlm hidup jgn sedih n ikut perasaan...kita mesti ad kesungguhan n keazaman nk berjaya.....thomas alva edison pun kne ejek ms msk skolah tp die la yg cipta lampu..try 1000 kli br berjaya sbb tu org kata genius is only 1%,the rest is perspiration....graham bell pekak tp die la cipta telefon...

hitler n bonaparte pun mnghidap inferiority complex ms kecil tp ms bsr diorangla jeneral jepun sbb ad keyakinan dirilah diorang diorang tiada ap yg mustahil...jgn jdkan rse rendh diri n kelemahan diri sbg penghalang utk berjaya...

dlm Quran ad bgtau...Allah tlh menjadikan rupa kita dn tahu akan segala nasib kita....dlm hadis 40 ad menyebut....apbila lahir anak adam maka Allah akan menyuruh malaikat utk menuliskan segala tntg hambanya ini,rezeki,jodoh,hidup dn matinya.....dlm ayat 216 surah al-Baqarah....sesungguhnya ap yg kamu suka tidak semestinya baik bg kamu dn ap yg kamu tidak suka blh jd baik bg kamu...sesungguhnya Allah tahu ap yg kamu tidak tahu.......

so wlaupun Allah dh ttpkn tkdir utk kita ...kita hanya blh lakukan yg terbaik dlm hidup ni...jgn patah semangat....ulama ad ckp...kejayaan dn kebaikan itu mungkin d lambatkan utk Allah sediakan yg terbaik....mugkin ia diawalkan tp bknlah yg terbaik....

lps dpt 5A UPSR sy d twrkn ke SMAP Kajang.n MRSM Taiping....xpenah dgr nme skolah ni...SMAP Labu pernahla.....buat semayang istikharah...akhirnya mskla smapk...alhamdulillah sy buat keputusan yg tepat...byk sy blajar 5 thn d smapk

antara pengalamn best di SMAPK ap ye...hurmmmmm>>: 1 exam
2.9A PMR
3.11A SPM
4.Outing ngan kwn lps pmr(first time main cc smpai 3 blk kne pau ngan otai kajang)
5.jln itik keliling msjid sbb slalu dtg lmbt
6.kne tmpar dpn assembly(kne gelak ngan kwn2 sbb blh wat lwk lg sblm kne tmpar)ahaha
7.adik msk skolah smapk gak ms form 4
8.jamuan akhir thn form 5
9.main kejar2 dgn warden ms time prep
10.menyorok dlm locker x nk pegi prep
11.jd peserta terbaik kuiz biologi daerah hulu langat
12.jd peserta terbaik kuiz sejarah daerah hulu langat cup 2002(best sbb brazil mng),world cup 2006 x best sgt tp oklah sbb england klh
14.champions league ms liverpool buat comeback lwn ac milan
15.johan bahas skolah(nasib baik ad dalila n siti)

lps spm cmnela blh terfikir nk amek medic....timur tgh lak2 dak sume baik...bkn ap sy jenis org yg happy go lucky n gila2..kata org x thiqah la tp prinsip juz be urself...hahaha

rse cm x lyk amek medic tp nk quit dh lmbt cme sy slalu doa pd tuhan supaya kuatkan semangat sy...n mudahkn sy belajar.......

ini jelah sy nk share dgn kwn2....hrp2 kita sama2 bersungguh-sungguh n berjuang jd doktor yg berguna pd masyarakat n hamba Allah yg d iredhai.......

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


After a year in medicine study,i soon realize that medical knowledge is something which must be correlated as a whole and regarded as a lifetime learning.....from what i have read healing is not as easy as we think all this while...the best treatment should completely cure the disease and prevent it from coming again...

The treatment can be subdivided into alternative treatment and conservative one.....the latter is what all doctors today is practising....some are trying to practise the former but is bound to various difficulties....

before that,i should explain what does it mean by alternative treatment since this is the most craving one by all doctors, assured by its effectiveness..

one of the most renowned doctor,Dr. Andrew Weil, graduated from Harvard Medical School ,is willling to endure the difficulties in finding the miracle of alternative treatment.He went to the amazon jungle just to find any natural herbs.Everytime he arranged to meet the best shaman there but unfortunately his effort came to nothing...never say to lose before trying,from the jungle,he was destined to meet Dr. Fulford after being suggested by one of his colleage.At first he had no interest in meeting him partially due to his ignorance about osteopath.forget to mention that dr. fulford has a great record,serving a cranial theraphy on his patients.His treatment was bizarre....dr. weil was struck by the simplicity of his day he met dr fulford complaining about his neck which had been bothering for days.It got pretty stiff and sore.Dr. Fulford asked him to stand,put a hand on his shoulders and observed his breathing.Then he moved his head in different directions.dr fulford asked him to lay on his back while holding the percussion hammer,a modified dentist's- drill with a thick,round metal disc that vibrated up and down.Dr fulford sat on a stool next to the table,adjusted the vibration rate and put the disk in contact with his right shoulder.He could feel the vibrations through the whole right side of his body,pleasant and relaxing but hardly major theraphy...then dr fulford removed the hammer and placed it in a new spot on his right hip.He continued this routine for minutes.Then dr fulford put hands on the sides of his head cradling his head applying the gentlest last dr fulford finished with a few manipulations to crack his spine checking the mobility of his limbs.....

Soon after....the pain he was suffering on his neck this is only one of the example that i can tell about dr fulford's treatment in association with the alternative treatment.....By looking at the way dr fulford treats his patients,we can conclude that the nervous system, the major system which control the body function can be manipulated to produce the desired effect,i mean to cure the pain...but we cannot simply ignore the very importance of commonly used treatment based on the recent knowledge which is rapidly progressing.Last but not least,i write down some important principals which must be taken into account of many physicians:

1.the body wants to be healthy.this is the natural is the conditon of perfect balance when all systems run smoothly and energy circulates freely.

2.Healing is a natural power

3.The body is a whole and all of its parts are connected

4.There is no separation of mind and body

5.The beliefs of practitioners strongly influence the healing powers of patients

actually there are many more stories or explanation to tell what alternative treatment really is but i'm sorry to explain only a piece of facts that is still unclear(no much time dude and some other limitation...hahahaha) that's all this time hope u all understand...thank you...

Monday, October 6, 2008


Raya taun ni mmg special ckit sbb dpt raya ngan family...

Klau taun lps x dpt rasa rendang mak tp taun ni mak buat special meal....nasi beriani..hehe..

pose taun ni ckup cuma pose nazar x abis bayar lg 3 hr...hajat nk bli baju raya utk sume ahli family pun tercapai...wlaupun byk duit abis tp x kesah la...balik setaun skali

taun ni raya kt umah sendiri bgn datoh sbb ayah sbg pengerusi masjid kna raya paling best sesi maaf2....cium mak ayah sume..ha3.pas2 raya kt umah opah kt bgn datoh gak...pegi kubur..ptg br balik umah atuk kt Tlk Intan....

Raya kt Tlk Intan best sbb pak cik2 sume kaki lawak....msg2 bwk blk tunang nk knalkn kt atuk....itulah citer raya yg bosan

nnti dtg mesir blk ak nk rncang hidup ak btul2..x nk main2 dh mcm taun satu ar tuh.....yess...!!smgt baru

Monday, September 29, 2008


Setiap hari bkn shj negara kita dilanda pelbagai isu2 menarik utk dibincangkan ttp di Amerika Syarikat(AS),menjelang November ini bakal menyaksikan pemilihan presiden negara itu.Samaada Barrack Obama dr parti Demokrat berjaya menjadi presiden kulit hitam pertama ataupun John Mccain dr parti Republik....Obama pd mulanya dilihat bkl memenangi pemilihan presiden ini berdasarkan kredibiliti dan kebolehan berpidatonya....pemilihan Joe Biden,seorang politician berpengalaman sbg vice-president mnmbhkn sokongan trhdpnya namun entah bagaimana slps shj Mccain mengumumkan Sarah Palin sbg calon vice-president sokongan terhadap Obama semakin merudum.Palin seorang gabenor Alaska yang kurang berpengalaman dlm komentarnya terhdp Rusia br2 ini emndpt kutukan drpd penyokong kuat Demokrat...
.Gelombang Palin ini bahkan telah mengubah Hollywood yg dahulunya dikenali sbg kubu kuat Demokrat kini sokongan menjadi 50-50....Melihat kpd situasi ini Obama tidak berdiam diri....die terus shj menggunakan unsur wanita dgn meminta bantuan Hillary Rodham Clinton,Napolatino(Gabenor Arizona) dan Kathleen(gabenor kansas) membantu kempen beliau.....begitulah dpt dilihat peranan wanita dlm mencatur masa depan politik AS...bENARLAH kata2 Napolean Bonaparte...'tangan yg menghayun buaian itu mampu menggoncang dunia'..
Br2 ini kita dikejutkan dgn mslh firma2 korporat di Amerika yg hampir bankrap ini sekaligus mampu melumpuhkan ekonomi negara kuasa besar tersebut....mslh ini sebenarnya bermula akibat drpd kelemahan sistem pengurusan perumahan....para pembeli pd mulanya menjangkakan harga rumah akan menaik, dgn itu segala insentif diberikan...slps tempoh awal tmt harga rumah bahkan semakin menurun..
.ini menyebabkan para pembeli tidak mampu membayar wang2 pinjaman...akibatnya byk tanah dirampas oleh bank...mslh hartanah ini mencacatkan kecairan pengaliran wang di mana bank2 yg memberi pinjaman tidak mendapat semula wang mereka...dlm masa yg sama bank ini juga tidak dpt memberi pinjaman br...akibatnya syarikat2 kredit juga byk menanggung kerugian dan hutang yg byk... sesuatu yg mengejutkan firma sekuriti ke-4 terbesar Lehmann Brothers diisytiharkan hampir bankrap...mslh yg sama d hadapi American Insurans Group(AIG),mortgage company...Fannie Mae dan Freddy Mac...akibatnya br2 ini kabinet Bush telah meluluskan dana berjumlah USD 700 billion utk membantu syarikat kewangan tersebut...
sbnrnya tindakan ini bercanggah dgn prinsip free market(pasaran bebas)yg selama ini d canang2 oleh Amerika....syarikat ini harus dibiarkan bankrap walaupun mempunyai kepentingan nasional...ini kerana dana 700 billion milik rakyat itu tidak sepatutnya d gunakan utk membantu syarikat yg lemah sistem pengurusannya...pembayaran gaji pegawai eksekutif yg terlalu tinggi serta beberapa kecuaian syarikat sepatutnya d persalahkan.....ketika Asia menghadapi krisis kewangan sekitar tahun 97-98...Malaysia telah melakukan hal yg sama utk menyelamatkan syarikat berkepentingan nasional drpd bankrap dan diambil alih oleh pelabur luar...tindakan Malaysia ini dikutuk oleh AS....skrg sistem kapitalis yg mereka amalkan telah memakan diri sendiri...wall street yg dibanggakan kini telah digelar fall street.......hahahah3

Sunday, September 28, 2008








I am enticed to write about this after a thorough observation......first and foremost i would like to remind all men out there....have u ever been concerning about ur style and appearance???Why,after all men today have spent more money on clothes than in any other period of history,are there fewer well-dressed men at any time ever before.

Surely, men today are paying more attention to hair,skin and nails though they are left perplexed as to how much is sufficient when it comes to personal grooming.In the fast pace society we are living in today,first impression counts and research shows that the clock starts when u first make eye should ask these question:

1.Do u look ur best all the time?
2.Do u have the right appeal to complement ur personality
3.Do u have the right thing to wear for all occcasion all year round?
4.Do u have a well-coordinated wardrobe or a closet full of unmatched clothes?
5.Do u know what colours look best on u?

Remember, apart from image good posture creates an instant impression of competence and here i have listed down several type of attire that best suited the men's personality....check it out dudes!!!!

This is a man who dresses in a traditional and classic way and has the air of a gentleman.Celebrities with this style includeTony Blair,Nicolas Sarkozy ,Prince Charles and so on...


This is a man who is confident,independent and likes to get noticed.Celebrities with this style includes Johnny Depp and Mick Jagger...

This is a man of grace,mystery and extremely fine taste- a man of discimination and distinction.Celebrities with this style include Pierce Brosnan,Donald Trump and Daniel Craig(the new James Bond in Casino Royale)

This is a man who is at ease in many situations.He feels like a good friend,very genuine and sincere.Celebrities and personalities with this style include Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes

This is a man with sex appeal.Celebrities with this style include Leonardo Di Caprio,Tom Cruise,Brad Pitt and George Clooney...


This is a man who is down to earth who likes the outdoors and enjoys sports and nature.Famous celebrities that reflect this style include David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo as well as Ricardo Kaka..hehehe

Saturday, September 27, 2008


i'm not a perfect person...this is the simplest way 2 describe me...ak harap dlm ak menempuh cbrn hidup ini akan sentiasa diberi petunjuk dan semangat oleh Allah...d sini ingin ak kongsi perrjalanan sepanjang berada d mesir bumi anbiya..slps dpt keputusan spm yg tak seberapa cemerlang ak mula fikir masa dpn ak....hajat masa kecik nk jd cm atromen tp nk kene amek course ap...tiba2 ak pernah igt arwah nenek ak sblm die meninggal dunia...faiz cucu kesayangan...hehe.dh besar nnti jd doktor ye...boleh rawat ak fikir balik layak ke ak jd doktor????lifeless...busy...sacrifice...ak nk jd businessman sbnrnye klau blh cm Syed Albukhary..cth dh ad dpn ak...ayah ak sndiri...akhirnya ak bulatkan tekad ....x kesahlah walau ap yg berlaku kita perlu ad self confidence....kata ahli motivasi, thomas..'if u have vision and perseverance u will have plan 2 accomplish but if u don't ,ur dream is nowhere to be achieved....mcm nilah jd doktor sbg footstep je sblm ak jd businessman..ya betul..kmdn nk pilih mane plak nk further study...dulu masa skolah x fikir pun nk gi over c tmbh lg la overtime...klau cikgu tanye nk study mana faiz..ak jwb UM dhla cikgu..local u pun hebat ak tersepit bila fikirkan keluarga,adik2 yg masih kecil.akhirnya plih lah track and less risky...hehehe..masa interview jpa satu pengalaman yg penuh kelam kabut bg ak...mlm nk d interview br la nk mintak sain tok penghulu..smpai pkul 2 pg br tidur...pkul 4 bangun nk follow ayah meniaga..ayah bawak lori ak bwk la kete...dlm kelam kabut ak lupa nk pkai stokin,kasut pun rpenye2 kasut sarung jek.tali pinggang tak pkai,tie pun x pkai.lps interview ak ckp ngan ayah kompem x dpt...ayah cm bese senyum je..tbe2 masa org sibuk bukak tenet nk tgk result interview ak sdg memancing..kwn panggil ajak check ...ak ckp x yahla buang ms je...balik umah tbe2 check dpt rupe2nye...3 bln persediaan d intec...pertama kali ak dtg intec ak pikir bleh ke org cm ak ni nk pegi oversea pastu dhla dak2 kt sini pndai2...first daftar jumpa bdk berambut botak,baik...tanye nme sape...die jwb naqiudin....x sangka pulak nilah kwn yg akan berjuang ngan ak kt bumi mesir nnti...honestly ni lah kwn baik ak......kami mmg rpt cm belangkas..hobi yg sama main videogame..tiap hari balik dr blaja kami akn pegi kdai videogame playstation kt dpn kolej cemara tu....sedar x sedar kami dh nk fly....dlm flight kami jnji akan bersama-sama jd doktor tuntut ilmu sungguh2,berjuang dan xkn smpai d ARMA tabiat lama dtg blk...azam mangat je..alih2 main game lg tiap2 ari kt kedai playstation...bila kuliah start pun kami masih suka berseronok...hahaha2smpai satu masa akhirnya kami sedar tujuan dtg ke sini..utk belajar...lps tu mulalah insaf sikit2...ckit je....exam mid alhamdulillah ckup2 mkn la...pastu cuti winter ikut la rombongan pegi gunung sinai..masa nk pegi rombongan ak gmbira sbb dpt jmpa naqi blk sbb sepnjang exam ak tinggal ARMA kwn skolah kt situ,Akram tiap2 ari sblm ak pegi exam die sediakan breakfast utk ak....ak igt ad org nk mkn breakfast ak tu..die marah org tu blk.....hahaha...lps cuti kuliah smbung balik...boringnye lah itulah perkataan yg keluar dr mulut ak...rutin harian ttp sama..ak dan naqi dh x serapat dlu...ak tanye die....die ckp die rs stress....ak pun phm..exam final ak pegi ARMA lg sbb ad EURO 08 xleh miss nye..Akram slalu mrh ak suruh study...ak ckp ak mmg takut exam tp euro ni x leh miss bro....kluar result alhamdulillah lulus jelah....awal bln7 sume dak medic nk blk homesick...ak duk la kt mesir sebulan...buang masa...hehe..tkdelah ak nk cari ilmu dan baiki diri...sesungguhnye ak nye ilmu ni hanya secebis jek....smpai wktu blk plg best....27 ogos...mlm tu ustaz azam ,ustaz malik sume ustaz2 arma antar ak kt airport...baik sungguh diorang ni....Akram nangis sbb die ckp die xde kwn kt sini...hehee..terharu pnjgnye..ha tulah setaun kt mesir yg gitu2 jelah....