Sunday, April 11, 2010

entry cmpur2

adus exm dh dkt dh ni bang smpat nk update blog lg...br2 ni ak agk sbuk skit mnjalankn perniagaan tiket dn brg2 mknn.......x pyh lah ngade2 yop nk tulis pnjang2 cpt je la straight to the ha hrga tket n flight br...

1)Egypt Air-RT-40 kg=LE3600(rt bln 10)
=LE3700(rt bln 9)

2)Oman Air-RT-40kg=LE3300
Tarikh available=30 jun,11/18/23/,25 july

3)Kuwait Air-RT-40kg=LE3650

hah ni psl tiket......kalo nk contact la ak ak lepak2 mkn kt kwn ak ni yg baik,thiqah n ensem.....berkatalah akan beliau..."ak segan ngan akhawat kte ni...hebat smcm menjawab dlm kls....ak rse tkut plak....tambah beliau lg....ak x ske pompuan jnis cm2.....dn menyampuk lah kmi rmai...btul2 kmi pun sependpt dgn anda.....die menasihati ak...mmndgkn beliau antara individu yg ak hormat maka dgn khusyuk ak mndgr tp dlm kepala ak ble lah mknn nk smpai ni.......nk cri jodoh ni mcm nk cri kwn baik...mne yg ko rse selesa tula jodoh ko......baik bos tp ak x sedia lg skang...haha..lps tu ak tanye x yg ko bermnat kt sni..die terus menggeleng...xdela tu mksudnye....mungkin sbb alsn td...dlm ati ak....kalo die yg hbt ni pun ad rse cm2..ak apatah lg....hahaha..nh ni bro ni tips pnting ak blh bg kt ni pmikiran barat la.....

The Indications

So chances are, there is more than one person out there who fits the bill for you. All of them are less than perfect. But if there are no perfect partners, how can you know whether to stay or go? Here are 10 relationship markers to help you know if he or she is The One:

1. When you're together you feel like you've come home.

2. You feel like your partnership was meant to be, as if kissed by destiny.

3. In your communication with each other there is a rapid "knowing" of what each of you means.

4. You have a shared mission in life, perhaps a cause, a career, or the creation of a family life.

5. When you're together the world seems like a better place.

6. Your mood is elevated when you're together. It's not necessarily passion or excitement, although that's there too at times.

7. When you look at him/her you see a part of yourself that's been missing. Perhaps it's her assertiveness or his joy of adventure. But it's something that when added to your life, makes you feel more complete.

8. Being together makes you more hopeful about the future you are creating.

9. You can be more authentic and fully yourself around your partner.

10. Being together makes each of you work harder on overcoming bad habits and becoming more loving people.

Don't worry if you don't feel all 10 of these things when you're with your partner. That's where the imperfection comes in -- either in you or your partner. If you are experiencing six or more of these markers, chances are you are matched well. Over time you can work towards having all of these qualities. Couples who have lasting love find that their relationships get closer and better over time. And that process has been my privilege and good fortune to experience personally -- after a lot of hard work that continues to this day!

Bottom line: your chances of finding The One are better than you think. So go out there and start looking. Love almost always comes in a surprise package that opens up in marvelous and magical ways.